If you have just found or stumbled upon this Website/blog, then first of all welcome. If you are still here reading this then I hope you are like myself and want to make changes to your life.

This Website/Blog will be all about how I went from being an overweight, confidence lacking, inexperienced slight recluse to a healthy, confident and out going person who grasps any chance life throws with both hands and runs with it.

I am going to use this platform to document everything I do along the way to achieving those goals. It will primarily be about weight loss (especially at the start) and getting into shape, tracking my weight loss and what I eat. I am also gonna be providing recipes of the food I eat which will help me keep on track with this. That I find is where most weight loss attempts fail not only for myself but for other people, not eating the right things.

The main reason I am doing this though is to hopefully provide motivation not only to myself to keep me going on this, but to motivate others who want to change their lives. I want to show from my experience that it can be done, that an obese person who has never had motivation to not only lose weight and get in shape but travel around and see and experience new things. I want this to be a place where everyone is welcome and who maybe want to change an aspect of their life there not happy with and want to change it or just need the motivation to do this.

I am by no means saying I am Mr Motivator or have all the answers but I hope by documenting everything I do to change my life and create the life I want for not only myself but for friends and family, then other people can find answers or motivation to do this themselves.